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“Dirt cheap!”

So said a Sacramento real estate broker describing the cost of a website he created himself using a template and stock photographs vended by an Oklahoma company. Several clients have since told the broker, who specializes in sales of Sacramento gas stations, that they were wowed by his website. Curiously the website appears unexceptional save for the central feature of its home page, which is a large photograph of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

We prefer to think that the success of this gas station brokerage website is the exception rather than the rule. Having developed websites since 1998, our experience is that they succeed the better their photographs, graphics and design authentically communicate the business’ identity and advantages. This conclusion is validated by marketing research conducted by the American Marketing Association, University of Massachusetts and Marketer Digital Intelligence, among others.

gasstationThe Internet is primarily a visual medium, which means opinions about a firm are shaped as much by emotional responses to a website’s visuals as they are by intellectual responses to text. rbechtel develops websites whose visual and textual content is fresh not canned. Many of our websites have remained visually intact for five years or more. And all of our websites were developed at costs small business owners could afford.

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