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We Do Everything

We are website developers with extensive marketing expertise who make website development easy and affordable for our clients. Most websites we develop serve our customers for years with few if any changes.

Market Positioning

Our approach to website development begins with answering three questions: marketing

  • What is your target market?
  • What messages about your business will resonate most with your target market?
  • How can text, photographs and artwork best communicate those messages?

We can help you answer these questions quickly. Afterward, we often require little more of clients than that they approve our cost estimate and review finished web pages.

Cost Estimate

This itemizes all costs for creating, uploading and optimizing your website. Items that clients deem unessential can be eliminated. There is no charge for an estimate.

Domain Registration & Hosting

We research available domains. We also, upon request, register the domain website designand set up a hosting account in the client’s name using a client’s credit card. However, we recommend clients register their domains and set up hosting accounts themselves to ensure there are no complications when the time comes for renewal.


website photographyWe take photographs, buy stock photographs, use photographs taken by clients and supervise production of videos. Our Photoshop expertise enables us to confer professional quality to unprofessional photographs—a very affordable alternative to hiring a professional photographer or purchasing stock art. (See Photography page.)

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Graphic Design

Design services range from logos to page banners, icons to charts and graphs, animations to photographic dissolves. Often our photographic images are composites of multiple photographs crafted to communicate marketing messages. The cost of these images is absorbed by our standard per-page design fee.

website design graphics


Text is written and edited by a former newspaper business editor and corporate marketing director.  Types of composition include:

  • Basic  Text
  • Slogans
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Video Scripts
  • Press Releases

We also write meta tags whose text appears in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

html programmingWe create xml-coded sitemaps (coded documents that speak to search engine webbots) and file them with search engines. We register websites with search engines and perform other measures to improve search engine placement.

Merchant Websites

Those who want a website to interact with customers or association members are advised to purchase one of several prefabricated templates on the market. We recommend this because programming such websites from scratch is so costly. We can assist you in choosing a template and work with template programmers to modify fields to a achieve a customized look. We can design page banners, drafti text, and/or create and insert photographs and graphics.