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As a corporate marketing director, Randy Bechtel oversaw development of www.kmtg.com after attending a 1995 San Francisco conference titled: “The Internet: A Fad or Marketing Medium?” Three years later he founded this firm, although he expected to write and design only advertising, brochures, press releases and other promotional materials. Then a client asked: “Do you do websites?” Bechtel thought: I do now.

Two decades later, rbechtel specializes in website development. We subscribe to the conventional wisdom that website text should be terse. However, the meaning of terse varies according to:

  • Client ExpectationsTerse does not mean excluding information important to visitors. Generally the pricier a website’s products or services, the more detail visitors want.

  • Search Engine Rating—At odds with concise writing is the influence word quantity has on search engine placement. Wordy text may attract more visitors, but few visitors will want to read it. The best solution, also discussed under SEO in Programming, is to create word content via articles/blogs and/or press releases. We have drawn on our considerable journalism experience to research and write articles and press releases for clients.


  • Clarity—Attempts to be concise can often lead to prose that are ambiguous or unintelligible. The best safeguard against this is professional editing.

It’s said the only writers who don’t need an editor are amateurs. Our goal is to project a professional image for our clients. Accordingly, all copy we write is reviewed by a former editor for University of California Publications.  So too is copy submitted to us by clients. The advantage of an editor seasoned by print media is that an error once printed cannot be corrected.

All edited text is submitted to the client for final approval. If the client composed the text, edits are explained. For example:

    “This strategy assures ensures you’ll receive an optimal return on investment.”
    (Assure means to convince or persuade. Ensure means to make certain.)

Kinds of Internet prose we write and edit include:

  • General Text
  • Slogans/Catchlines
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Biographies
  • Promotional Emails
  • Video Scripts