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Scope of Graphic Design

The objective of graphic design is to coordinate all visuals to shape consumer opinion.  It encompasses every kind of visual—the design of website template, design of graphics and animations, design or presentation of logo, and the selection, design and/or dissolves of photographs.


riverboatThe geometry and color combinations of a template key on:

  1. Nature of Your Business--Colors illicit different associations, e.g., green
  2. Logo Color—Although reflecting a logo’s color in page design is important, a logo need not be a specific color unless your firm has a distinct association with a color (e.g., IBM aka “Big Blue”). Consumers remember a logo’s form not color.
  3.  Photographs:  Aside from portraits, most photographic images in a website are composites of two or more photographs created to better communicate marketing messages.

animation still

Graphics & Animations

Graphics here include all artwork—icons, graphs, cartoon figures, paintings, etc. We create original graphics (including drawings), use stock art, modify stock art, and occasionally employ classic art. When advantageous, we animate art. For example, the drawing used on letterhead by a client (see above) was turned into the animation beside it.


We design logos upon request and provide high resolution versions for print use (see examples below). Existing logos are keys to page design. Firm names of clients who don’t require a logo are often rendered at no charge in stylized text. logos


Photographic Images

Normally we supply photographic images and include them in the flat cost of page design. Exceptions are photographs of personnel and/or interiors of the client’s workplace. We also create dissolves and other transitions between photographic images. The dissolve on the right is a center panel of three.

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