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From Stills to Videos

Photographic services include still photographs and videos. Photographs typically are portraits, group shots, office interiors, business exteriors, work sites and iconic community locations. Videos include talking heads and/or voice-overs with interior and exterior visuals.

before and afterPortraits

We arrange for a professional photographer to shoot subjects at his/her studio or at the client’s place of business. The latter is the more popular option (see example right). In either case, the subject chooses one from several shots, which is then enhanced in Photoshop. We are experts in photo enhancement and regularly fulfill requests by those photographed, e.g., tighten my jaw line. Subjects also receive high definition versions of their photographs for print publication.

Group Shots

These are usually shot at the client's place of business. At one time the trick of a group shot was finding one photograph in which all pictured were happy with their poses. Photoshop now enables us to combine the best poses among several photographs jnto a single image. Caveat: group shots--even those of firm partners--usually need to be replaced eventually because one of the group leaves the business.

Office Interiors

Office interiors are effective marketing visuals although they usually require people in them. Because business personnel change, we usually recommend inserting stock photos of people.

photo modification

Office Exteriors and Work Sites

Photos by the client often suffice here because they are taken in daylight and Photoshopping can give them the quality of professional photography. Otherwise we shoot them, the cost of which is absorbed by our flat charge for general page design.

Guy West BridgeIconic Community Locations

These underscore a firm’s ties and pride in its community. They can be specific, e.g., a courthouse practiced in by a law firm’s attorneys, or general, e.g., a city skyline or local iconic building or landscape. We usually take these photographs—and include them in the flat cost of a page design—in order to project the firm's relationship with the community is special not stock. Also, rarely is any photographic image we use not a combination of photographs constructed to better communicate a marketing message (see Graphic Design section).


We can assemble a team that can produce, including graphics, everything ranging from a sales pitch by a talking head to a live hotel seminar with panel and audience. However, it is important to remember that, as visual a medium that the Internet is, viewers come to it seeking information actively not passively. Ergo, one must be strategic employing videos. For instance, a video with a talking head is valuable not because of the words spoken by the person, but because the person speaking has a persona that will appeal to your targeted audience.

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